Joaquin Castro Shades MSNBC For Confusing Him With Twin Brother Julián Castro

The Texas congressman called out the cable network for identifying him as Julián by pointing out, "I grew a beard. Do I need a face tattoo?"

A misidentified tweet led to double trouble for MSNBC on Friday thanks to twin politicians Joaquin and Julián Castro.

It came shortly after the network interviewed Joaquin Castro, a Democratic congressman representing Texas, about the next steps in the House impeachment inquiry.

That was fine, until the network promoted the segment on Twitter. That’s when it incorrectly identified him as brother Julián Castro, a current Democratic presidential candidate.

MSNBC confuses Joaquin Castro with Julián Castro
MSNBC confuses Joaquin Castro with Julián Castro

The tweet was quickly removed, but not before Joaquin Castro could throw shade at the network for confusing him with his brother.

Julián Castro also chimed in with his own bit of shade directed at his brother.

It’s common for people to confuse twins, but some Twitter users offered Joaquin Castro advice on how to prevent that from happening, some more serious than others.

But one Twitter user saw the big picture ― and liked it.

This is not an isolated name goof for MSNBC.

A few weeks back, the network had to apologize to Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang after “The Beat With Ari Melber” referred to him as “John Yang.”

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