Job Seeker Sends Out Resume, Attaches Photo Of Penis

If you want a get a job, you've got to stop d**king around.

Texas Workforce Solutions in Dallas received a job application by email Friday morning from a man who also attached a picture of a penis, Dallas Police spokeswoman Demarquis Black told the Dallas Observer.

The agency purportedly offers "resources, tips and tools to build a stronger Texas workforce," and connects job seekers with potential employers. In this case though, the 25-year-old employee who received the phallic photo just connected the applicant with the police.

It's not yet clear whether the applicant sent the photo intentionally or not, but either way, Black told the Observer, "I think I know why he can't find a job."

The man was charged with obscene display or distribution, a misdemeanor.

What's worse, a dick pic or Nicolas Cage? Last year, a girl named Vanessa submitted a job application for an administrative assistant, but instead of a copy of her resume, accidentally attached a wild-eyed picture of the "National Treasure" star.