U.K. Wellbeing Academy Offers Free Spray Tans To Unemployed Looking For Work

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beautician only hands to be...

The unemployed in Cynon Valley, United Kingdom, may not have jobs, but they could receive a free spray tan and makeover as part of a new employment initiative launched by Aberdare's Wellbeing and Training Academy. The non-profit community interest company is doling out free spray tans to unemployed persons in the region who are actively seeking work.

The free treatment has come to be known as the "Gok Wan makeover," named after a fashion consultant of the same name who hosts the Channel 4 TV show "How To Look Good Naked."

Wellbeing Academy Director Sarah Sweeden described the free makeover as an "extra confidence," and incentive for people to find work, according to The Telegraph.

The Wellbeing Academy seeks to help people improve their well-being, including helping the unemployed get back to work with fitness classes and beauty treatments. Sweeden and her partner Cerys Dutton put £3,000 of their own money into the venture, which they started in September, and are now partnering with job agencies and social services who offer client referrals.

With unemployment rates holding at 8.3 percent for Wales -- the U.K. country where Cynon Valley is located -- and 5.7 percent of Cynon Valley residents claiming unemployment benefits, proponents say the free offer has the potential to bolster employment numbers in the region.

Some businesses in the U.S. have extended free services to the unemployed, such as offering to dry clean an outfit for an interview, but the Wellbeing Academy is the first to offer free spray tans.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that staff at the U.K. Job Centre recommend candidates for the free spray tan treatment at The Wellbeing Academy. Jobcentre Plus has no contract or relationship with The Wellbeing Academy, according to a government press officer. This article has been updated to reflect that correction.