10 Scary New Realities Of Today's Job Market: (PHOTOS)

By The recession ended in June 2009. Did you notice? Chances are you probably didn't --e specially if you've been looking for a job. The bad news: things aren't likely to get much better any time soon; current economic growth rates mean the unemployment rate will do well to drop by much more than a single percentage point by the end of 2011.

All of that is likely to continue reshaping the employment market, and will affect everything from your ability to conduct a salary negotiation to the pace at which you can expect to climb the ladder--or even get on it in the first place.

So what's a job seeker to do? Vault's industry and career experts put their heads together and identified a number of key trends that will affect careerists over both the short and medium term.

Below are 10 trends reshaping the employment market from For more insight on the jobs, be sure to visit

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