The Best Part-Time Jobs For You


Jobs for the Over 50 Set

What are the best part-time jobs for you? We put the question to Tim Driver, founder and CEO of, and Kerry Hannon, author of "Great Jobs for Everyone 50+."

One piece of advice: “Broaden your horizons,” says Driver. “Going back to doing the same work you did in your earlier career is just one option you should explore. Consider turning an avocation into an income-stream or going back to school to brush up on a particular skill or get a certification that could let you switch to a new field.” Here, high-demand jobs to check out now:

Job: Caregiver

What’s involved: With the aging population growing, there’s a real need for people to help the elderly do everyday tasks like getting dressed, bathing, or running errands. This job’s great if you need flexibility with your work hours, but keep in mind that it can be physically demanding (although unlike other jobs, say in retail, you don’t have to be on your feet all day.)

Some employers may require a Certified Nursing Assistant certification; check with your state’s Board of Nursing. Knowing CPR and having a driver’s license are helpful, too.

Where to apply: Check out a home-care agency, such as National Home Health Care or, or a job search site like, a sister site of

The pay: $7 to $12 an hour

Job: Medical assistant

What’s involved: The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for medical assistants will grow 31 percent until 2020. You know that person behind the desk when you check in at your doctor’s office? There are lots of those positions that need to be filled. In addition to booking appointments, you’ll do other administrative work like answering phones, taking insurance information, and maybe maintaining supplies. Getting certification as a Certified Medical Assistant (there are affordable online classes) is preferred. If you have additional medical experience, you may also perform tasks like checking vital signs.

Where to apply: Go directly to the clinic or doctor’s office you are interested in. You can also search for jobs online at web sites such as or

The pay: $10 to $19 an hour

Job: Consultant

What’s involved: Companies are looking to hire experienced workers, even in this economy. The hottest areas right now: finance, management, health care, and information technology. But other fields that require highly trained individuals are looking for part-timers, too. You’ll most likely be working on a project basis, so be prepared to hit the ground running.

Where to apply: The best way to land a consulting gig is to network, network, network. Call up people you’ve worked with and know in your industry. And join the business association in your field or a regional small business association.

The pay: $65 to $125 an hour

Job: Tutor

What’s involved: Prep students for standardized tests like the SAT or LSAT, or help kids with their homework. A teaching degree is a big plus, but not necessary -- test prep firms often train tutors and you can offer private tutoring if you have expertise in a subject such as nursing, business, a language, or K-12 school subjects. Expect to find the most work during the school year and before major tests.

Where to apply: Check out companies like Kaplan Test Prep. For private tutoring, build up your creds by volunteering at your local library; you can place ads in your community paper or supermarket job board.

The pay: $10 to $24 an hour, or more depending on your experience

Job: Retail sales

What’s involved: You may think that being a salesperson at the mall is for teenagers. But stores are actually finding that customers are more satisfied and revenues are higher when they hire older salespeople, says Driver. Depending on the business, you’ll greet customers, ring up purchases, perform product demonstrations, stock shelves, and perform other retail duties. Just make sure you can handle being on your feet during your shift.

Where to apply: Stores especially need extra help around holidays. Go to the store you’re interested in and ask if they are hiring.

The pay: $7 to $19 an hour



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