The 8 Dos And Don'ts Of Dressing For Job Interviews

The 8 Dos And Don'ts Of Dressing For Job Interviews
business partners shaking hands ...
business partners shaking hands ...

Better believe the way you look at a job interview can make or break your chances.

For example, a number of surveys have found that piercings and tattoos can make it harder for a candidate to get hired. Because of that, nonprofit such as Career Gear and Dress for Success are working hard to provide suits to low-income job seekers.

To gain more insight on how to dress for success, we asked Wall Street wardrobe expert and Lebenthal & Company CEO Alexandra Lebenthal for some advice.

"Job seekers need to keep in mind that this is their first, and possibly only time to convey everything about why they should be offered the job," Lebenthal wrote in an e-mail interview with The Huffington Post. "With that in mind, presenting a crisp, tailored picture allows the interviewer to see that they are respectful of the opportunity, but also allow their personality to shine."

Here are some tips on how to dress for a job interview:

Before You Go

DON'T: Wear Something Too Bold

Dos And Don'ts Of Job Interview Attire

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