Interview Hair

The job market is tight. The candidate who interviews best always gets the job. The image they project is the first thing the employer notices. Looking right is key to landing employment.
06/13/2011 09:09pm ET | Updated August 13, 2011
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It's already the middle of June and college graduations are over. The quest for jobs has begun. Right about now there is always an influx of college graduates making appointments at the salon. Most are in a real quandary about their hair even as they sit in my chair. They realize how imperative it is to look appropriate for their job interviews.

They are right to be nervous. The job market is tight. The candidate who interviews best always gets the job. The image they project is the first thing the employer notices. Looking right is key to landing employment.

1) Your hair is as important as the clothes you wear to the interview. Make sure your hair is clean and simply styled. Cut your hair if it is excessively long or scraggly. Avoid extreme styles or cuts that leave hair hiding your face. Make an appointment with your hairdresser for a blow dry the day of your interview. If you color your hair, make sure it looks natural and that your roots are not noticeable. Now is not the time to experiment with a new hair color.

2) Your makeup should look pretty without being obvious.It should be light and transparent. Avoid heavy eyeliner or smoky eyes. Dark or too-bright lips are always inappropriate.

3) Don't forget about your nails. Well manicured nails are noticed and essential. Trendy colors (purple, turquoise), decorative or chipped nails are not advisable.

4) Perfume should be minimal. Be careful not to use a heavy scent. You do not want to give the person who is interviewing you a headache. The safest bet is to use only deodorant.

4) Wear clothes that will cover all tattoos. If you have one on the back of your neck, wear your hair down or disguise the tattoo with makeup. It's also a good idea to remove all piercings.

5) Dress in attire that is appropriate for your desired position. It is best to err on the conservative side. Always avoid clothes that are revealing, flamboyant or overly trendy.

Your appearance is the first thing a potential employer notices. It defines you as much as your resume. Always remember that you are preparing for a job interview and not a night on the town. Walk in with confidence and don't forget to smile.

Good luck!