Job Search Coaching Doesn't Work ?

One thing I've discovered in working with folks on finding work is that coaching without using Finding Work When There Are No Jobs never works.

I've found this to be true with everyone from disabled kids to vets to senior execs.

So I don't do that anymore.

It's the same reason why career coaching in general (when you get beyond the basics and moral support) is so often useless.

The coaching relationship presumes that the coach is going to tell the player something they don't already know. Or teach the person something.

And that won't help in getting jobs

What the searcher needs is to do is something different. And it has to be something they discover themselves. That is the purpose of the stories and questions in the book. Prompting the applicant to do something different. Person reads the story on Dr. King, the questions get him remembering his child pediatrician was also named King, person catches up with his Dr. King on Facebook, has lunch and discovers Dr. King's kid is looking for a CFO for his start up.

That simply wouldn't come up in an advice or "how-to" conversation. For ANYONE. Except the individual it DID come up for.

The reason people do not finish the book is that this process is REALLY hard. As hard as it is to keep up the attitude and the disciple and the basics, it's even harder to think differently. It's also the reason the book sold 20k so far and not 20 million like the books on writing better resumes or networking books that DO sell millions

If you are getting interviews and not getting the job, you are missing one of the 5 principles. And talking about that won't help. You have to see them in action in the stories and then connect them to your own life via the questions.

And you will not see them without being prompted to see them.

There are 40 plus stories and over 100 questions in the book. If you read and answer at least half of them, what will happen is that you will learn to spot which of the 5 Principles that form the core of the book you are missing in each situation. When you do that, you will know what you need to do to land the job. But like I said--that is really hard and most people do not want to expend that kind of thought.

They'd rather just send out more resumes.