10 Jobs That Will Make You Fat: Study

That muffin you grabbed on your way into this morning's breakfast meeting is probably making you fat.

A new study by CareerBuilder confirmed what many previous studies have reported: work life leads to weight gain. According to the study, 44 percent of workers surveyed said they have gained weight at their current job.

Weight gain isn't the only health risk associated with having a job -- previous studies have found that spending too much time working at a desk can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and death -- yes, death.

What's causing us to get fat at work? The CareerBuilder survey found that the most commonly reported causes of weight gain include sitting at a desk all day, eating lunch on the job, stress-induced eating and dining out regularly.

Check out CareerBuilder's list of 10 jobs that had the greatest likelihood of reporting weight gain and let us know what you think. We at HuffPost Money cast doubts on this study's findings -- where is Online Editor on this list?!

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10 Jobs That Will Make You Fat

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