Jobs Over 50: Tech Tips To Help Your Job Search (VIDEO)

The June employment report released July 6 showed dismal growth of just 80,000 jobs but contained a silver lining for older workers: Those 55+ who were seeking work were jobless an average of 55.6 weeks -- down slightly from May. Unfortunately, older workers still comprise nearly 53 percent of the long-term unemployed -- those out of work for six months or more.

Now the good news: There are a number of websites tailored to the needs of job-seekers over 50. In this video, CNET's Tech Minute profiles a few of the best. Be sure to check out the National Business Services Alliance's site, for example, which offers "job match" and "job search": resources that help you identify your strengths and interests and determine how they align with available job openings.

Check out the video above for more sites to assist in your post 50 job hunt, and visit CNET for the full story. Meanwhile, if you've recently found a new job, please tell us about the keys to your success in the comments below (or email us at



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