Jodi Arias Talked Of Killing Prosecutor, Ex-Cellmate Says

Jodi Arias Talked Of Killing Prosecutor, Ex-Cellmate Says

The former cellmate of Jodi Arias says the convicted killer threatened to have the prosecutor's throat slit if she was given the death penalty.

Cassandra Collins spoke exclusively to FOX10 News about her time with Arias.

Collins said her conversations with Arias involved what Arias would do to prosecutor Juan Martinez if she was sentenced to death. Collins said Arias would take out a mafia-style hit on Martinez and have his throat cut.

Along with the claim, Collins also told the station that Arias' had an obsession with Martinez.

"She asked me questions like 'why doesn't Juan Martinez love me?' And I'm like, love you? He's your prosecutor, he's there to prosecute you for a crime."

Collins said Arias is "out of her freaking mind," according to The Daily Mail.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says it is looking into these claims.

"[Jodi] tried to manipulate every inmate there and tries to control how they think about her case," Collins told the station. "She'll try to suffocate you with her version and her side. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell."

Arias was convicted of murder in May in the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

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