Jodi Arias Interrogation: 'I'm Not The Brightest Person, But I Don't Think I Could Stab Him, I'd Have To Shoot Him' (UPDATED)

Jodi Arias' police interrogation video was played in court again Wednesday as her murder trial continued in Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona.

This is the fourth time jurors have seen excerpts of Arias' interrogations since the start of her trial earlier this month. It's also the umpteenth time jurors have heard Arias make bizarre statements to police.

"I'm not the brightest person, but I don't think I could stab him, I'd have to shoot him … The least I could do is make it as humane as possible," Arias told a police detective in a July 15, 2008, taped interview that was played at her murder trial Wednesday.

While the sound in the video isn't high-quality, jurors can make out Arias being questioned about the June 4, 2008, slaying of her ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Travis Alexander. Prosecutors allege Arias, 32, shot Alexander in the face, stabbed him 27 times, and slit his throat from ear to ear in a fit of jealous rage because she did not want him dating other women. Arias' defense team is claiming self-defense.

"I don't think I've ever even fired a gun ... water guns, but not a real gun," Arias said when asked about the .25 caliber handgun used in Alexander's slaying.

Excerpts of the video were also played in court Tuesday, during which Arias could be heard on the video saying, "If I was going to ever try to kill somebody, I would use gloves. I have plenty of them," and "I'm all for the Ten Commandments – thou shall not kill."

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Who's Who In The Jodi Arias Case

Earlier Wednesday, jurors heard testimony from Michael Galieti, a former police officer in West Jordan, Utah. Galieti testified that he pulled Arias over on June 5, 2008, because the license plate on her vehicle was upside down. She attributed this to someone playing a joke on her, Galieti testified.

Galieti was followed on the stand by Raphael Colombo, a gentleman who runs the Budget car rental shop in Redding, Calif. Colombo testified he rented a car to Arias on June 2, 2008. He said when she returned the vehicle, the floor mats were missing and there were stains on the front and rear seats that he assumed were caused by Kool-Aid.

The trial was set to resume in the afternoon after a lunch break.

If convicted, Arias could face the death penalty.

UPDATE: The Jodi Arias trial recessed Wednesday after testimony about the lead investigators' interrogation techniques. Court is scheduled to resume Thursday morning.




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