Jodi Arias Trial: Boobs, Anal Sex Dominate Day 10

Day 10 of Jodi Arias' first-degree murder trial in Phoenix, Ariz., highlighted some of the defendant's sexual preferences and a boob job she got prior to meeting the man she is accused of killing.

Testimony regarding Arias' sex life and breast surgery was delivered by her ex-boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, a 52-year-old divorcee with a teenage son. Brewer testified he met Arias in 2001, when she was about 22, and dated her for about four years. They were in love, he said.

Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Brewer whether he had told investigators that Arias "was pretty aggressive during sex." Brewer said he didn't recall the statement, but acknowledged having anal sex with Arias when they were dating. He said he couldn't remember how many times they did so.

The testimony showed that Arias was no stranger to anal sex before she met murder victim Travis Alexander.

Arias, a 32-year-old photographer, is accused of shooting Alexander in the face, stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear in the shower of his Mesa apartment on June 4, 2008. She has pleaded not guilty to murder, contending she was a victim of domestic violence and killed Alexander in self-defense. Prosecutors allege Arias was jealous and did not want Alexander to see other women.

Brewer said he and Arias purchased a house together in 2005, in Palm Desert, Calif. Brewer said they had discussed marriage, but he was not ready to commit, given his recent divorce. Around that time, Brewer said, Arias had breast surgery.

"You told people she obtained breast implants to fit in with your crowd?" Martinez said.

"[I] don't remember telling people she got breast implants," Brewer replied.

Brewer testified that he never saw Arias act jealous or show a violent temper. Brewer said he did, however, believe that Arias had taken photos of him, without his consent, while he was in the nude, sleeping and in the shower.

Brewer said that as the couple's relationship deteriorated, Arias began acting differently. During the fall of 2006, they stopped having sexual relations "because she was saving herself for marriage," Brewer testified. Their house was foreclosed in 2007 and Arias moved to Arizona.

Brewer testified the couple remained in contact after the breakup. She contacted him in May 2008 to borrow gas cans for a long trip, he said. Brewer said he loaned her the cans on June 3, 2008. He said he never got them back.

Brewer said Arias contacted him again later that month, hysterical. He said she told him her friend had been murdered.

Public defender Kirk Nurmi returned to Brewer's sex life with Arias.

"Did your sex life involve her wearing little boys' underwear, wearing pigtails and schoolgirl outfits, bending her over a desk, ejaculating on her face, calling her a whore, or a slut, or a three-hole wonder?" Nurmi asked.

"No," Brewer replied.

Earlier in the trial, the defense lawyer said Alexander had called Arias a "three-hole wonder" and was sexually aggressive with her.

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Travis Alexander - Jodi Arias Crime Scene And Trial Photos

Earlier Tuesday, Gus Searcy was called to the stand. He was a mentor and friend of Arias when she worked for Pre-Paid Legal. Searcy testified they met in 2007 or 2008 and became friends.

Searcy testified Arias dressed feminine, but conservative, and was never sexually inappropriate.

Testimony resumes Wednesday morning. If convicted, Arias faces the possibility of the death penalty.



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