Jodie Foster On Sex Assault: 'Justice By Twitter Is Not The Way To Go'

"We want to hear the other side as well."

Actress and director Jodie Foster on Monday called the torrent of sexual misconduct revelations toppling prominent men a “watershed moment.” But the 55-year-old Oscar winner said in an interview with “CBS This Morning” that the “other side” must be heard.

“It is an amazing moment in time and, you know, in order to do it justice, I think we need a bigger dialogue and a much more complicated dialogue,” said Foster, answering a question about the online #MeToo movement that has inspired women to open up about being victimized. “But this time is necessary and I’m really looking forward to what happens next, like all social justice movements. I think we’re all looking forward to how we can heal, and we want to hear voices. We want to hear the other side as well, in order to really change things.

“Justice by Twitter is not the right way to go.”

Foster appeared on the show to promote an episode of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” she directed.

Her remarks on sexual misconduct begin at the 4:58 mark above.

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