Jodie Sweetin's 'Dancing With The Stars' Debut Was A 'Full House' Fantasy

But where was Mischa Barton's Ryan Atwood-inspired tango?

Everywhere you look, Jodie Sweetin is killing it.

The "Fuller House" star made her debut on the "Dancing with the Stars" stage Monday, with a performance that would make Stephanie Tanner proud. Before she strapped on her dancing shoes, Sweetin and partner Keo Motsepe treated fans to a "Full House"-inspired intro package, complete with cheesy '80s style poses and the series' signature yellow lettering.

But Sweetin, the Tanner family's resident dancer, turned up the heat when it came time to impress the judges. Performing a sultry tango to Demi Lovato's "Confident" -- admittedly a strange pairing -- Sweetin and Motsepe took the song's message to heart, owning the stage with their expert footwork and perfectly coordinated dips and spins.

Sweetin and Motsepe garnered a respectable 20 out of 30 for their first "DWTS" effort, with judges praising her "spirit" and "attitude," according to Entertainment Tonight.

"We went out there and we had fun," she told co-host Erin Andrews after the performance. "And that was what Keo was telling me to do this whole time, and everyone’s been telling me to do, is just go out and have fun and enjoy it, and I enjoyed every moment of that so much.”

It was meant to be.

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