Jodon Romero's Family Criticizes Fox News For Airing Live Suicide

The family of the man who shot himself on Friday criticized Fox News for inadvertently airing his suicide.

Last week, Fox News spent its 3:00 p.m. hour cutting to and from a high-speed car chase near Phoenix, Arizona by airing live video from its local affiliate KSAZ-TV.

When the driver, Jodon Romero, exited the car, Fox News host Shep Smith narrated his on-the-ground movements. Smith yelled to his control room to cut away from the video when it seemed as though Romero was about to harm himself.

Due to what the network called "severe human error," the broadcast stayed on the live video footage as Romero shot himself in the head, and then abruptly cut to commercial.

Romero's sister Nature, who was reportedly watching the car chase on TV unaware a family member was involved, spoke with NBC's Phoenix affiliate KPNX about the incident.

"That shouldn’t have been the way that any of us had to learn about my brother’s death," she said.

KPNX reporter Ed Tribble reported that the Romero family "is critical of the network, saying it’s the image that will always stick with them."

Smith apologized to Fox News viewers immediately following the incident.

"We really messed up. And we're all very sorry. That didn't belong on TV," he said.