Anybody Can Be An Agent Of Change - Jody Williams On Activism

We're constantly consuming memes, viral videos, selfies, on-demand TV, and mobile games, all of which are meant to keep us "connected" longer. They encourage our desire to lounge around for hours of inaction for just one more scroll, one more snap, one more episode of Kevin Spacey in his House of Cards. We may be aware of societal issues through our digital feeds, but as a result activism is often replaced by slacktivism. The term is pretty self explanatory but in case you don't quite grasp the etymology, the Oxford dictionary has your back.

Many people think by simply hitting "like" or "share" they've contributed to the cause, and are free to resume their Game of Thrones marathons. As Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams declares in the video above by The RSA, not enough of us are acting on our passions to drive change. And no Jon Snow's sexy black hair does not count as a passion.

If you feel passionate about a cause, event, case, or policy then it's up to you to change it. It's not an excuse to say, "But I'm just one person." The power lies in your agency, in your striving to make a difference.

It is a choice to sit around and do nothing. It is a choice to do that Buzz Feed quiz. It is a choice to watch five episodes in one sitting. As Jean Paul-Sartre said, "We are our choices," and so is the world.

So stop reading this. Go out there and make change happen.

The animated short was made by The RSA, animated Katy Davis.

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