Joe, 14-Year-Old, 'Adopted' By College Football Team In Incredibly Sweet Story (VIDEO)

You should probably get your kleenex out before you watch this video... but it will be a happy cry, we promise.

The Hooplaha segment tells the story of a 14-year-old named Joe, who was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was five years old. Now, nine years later, he's become beloved member of the Stony Brook University Football Team. Though Joe doesn't play the sport, he was "adopted" by the team through the nonprofit Friends of Jaclyn, and he was eventually elected captain -- a title he's held for three years and counting.

Joe attends practices, rushes the field before kickoff and even travels with the team to away games. Since Joe was introduced to them, the Seawolves have brought home four league championships.

"It seems like whenever I'm at a home game we usually win," the teen admitted.

Here's what the Stony Brook players had to say about their young captain:

"He brings this team together. He's the glue to the Seawolves."

"To see his strength and courage... that just gives us strength."

"He's an inspiration for the whole team and an inspiration for us to do well."

Joe's teammates may call him their "good luck charm," but we think it's safe to say that luck had nothing to do with the team's transformation since Joe came into their lives.

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