Joseph Amendola, Lawyer For Jerry Sandusky, Hints At New Information With Bob Costas

While interviewing accused sexual predator Jerry Sandusky -- the former football coach whose alleged crimes have sparked the scandal at Penn State -- on Monday evening, NBC's Bob Costas was blunt in describing public perception of the case.

"There is a tremendous amount of information out there and fair-minded, common sense people have concluded that you are guilty of monstrous acts," Costas said. "And they are particularly unforgiving with the type of crimes that have been alleged here. And, so, millions of Americans who didn't know Jerry Sandusky's name until a week ago now regard you not only as a criminal but -- I say this I think in a considered way -- but as some sort of a monster."

Although he maintained his innocence -- while also admitting to showering with young boys and engaging in "horseplay" during these showers -- Sandusky didn't sound particularly hopeful about changing many minds any time soon.

"I don't know what I can say or what I could say that would make anybody feel any different now," Sandusky said. "I would just say that if somehow people could hang on until my attorney has a chance to fight you know for my innocence. But that's about all I could ask right now and you know obviously it's a huge challenge."

Despite Costas' appraisal of Sandusky's reputation, the man charged with -- and charging for -- arguing his case seems confident he can convince the only people that matter -- a jury. Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, also appeared on NBC's "Rock Center" to take questions from Costas. The brief Q&A session with the lawyer provided an interlude amidst the cringe-inducing Sandusky interview.

READ BELOW: Full Transcript Of Amendola's Interview With Costas

Not only does Amendola believe in his client's innocence, but he implies that the defense will be able to produce witnesses to contradict the graphic content of the grand jury report. Most shocking, he claims to have tracked down the alleged victim of the assault that Mike McQueary has testified to witnessing in 2002. Although the mother of "Victim 1" recently discussed the alleged abuse of her son on "Good Morning America," the testimony of McQeaury regarding the rape of "Victim 2" has always seemed an integral part of the prosecution's case.

Costas pointedly asked Amendola if he would allow his children to be alone with his client. Rather than asking questions about his children, the New York Post delved into Amendola's relationship with the mother of those children. The Post relays a report that Amendola impregnated a teenager during the 1990s.

Below is the transcript of Amendola's televised interview with Bob Costas:

Bob Costas: You said a few days ago that "much more is going to come out in our defense." In broad terms, what?

Joseph Amendola: We expect we're going to have a number of kids, now how many of those so-called eight kids we're not sure, but we anticipate we're going to have at least several of those kids come forward and say, "this never happened. This is me, this is the allegation, it never occurred." In fact, one of the toughest allegations, the McQueary violations, what McQueary said he saw, we have information that that child says that never happened. Now, grown up. Now the person is in his 20s.

Costas: Until now we were told that that alleged victim could not be identified. Do you have that...

Amendola: ... by the Commonwealth.

Costas: You have identified him?

Amendola: We think we have.

Costas: So you found him, the Commonwealth has not.

Amendola: Interesting? Isn't it?

Costas: Would you allow your own children to be alone with your client.

Amendola: Absolutely. I ... I ... I believe in Jerry's innocence. Quite honestly, Bob, that's why I'm involved in the case. If I...

Costas: You believe in his innocence?

Amendola: His innocence.

Costas: Not just that you can mitigate his guilt? You believe in his innocence?

Amendola: I believe in his innocence.