Joe Arpaio Restricts Unpatriotic Inmates To Diet Of Bread, Water

Arpaio Has Eyebrow-Raising Punishment For Unpatriotic Inmates

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has issued a bold threat to any unpatriotic inmates in his jails.

According to CBS5, Arpaio is threatening to put any inmates who deface or vandalize the American flag on a diet of only bread and water. Arpaio told CBS5 10 inmates are already on the bread-and-water diet.

Each cell is getting a sticker of an American flag. Any inmate who vandalizes the flag will be punished with the restricted diet.

In keeping with the patriotic theme, Arpaio has ordered that the playing of God Bless America and the National Anthem be done daily in every jail facility over the public address system and for all the inmates, regardless of national origin, to hear and sing-a-long.

This isn't Arpaio's first questionable move regarding inmates' diets. In March 2013, Arpaio announced he would start charging inmates $1 per meal. In September, he announced plans to transition all inmates to a cost-saving vegetarian diet.

Arpaio has a history of stirring controversy with his treatment of Maricopa County inmates. He's been criticized for making prisoners wear pink underwear and ordering his deputies to stay armed at all times -- even while off duty.

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