Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sells Pink Underwear And Handcuffs At Arizona Craft Fair

Joe Arpaio Gets Into The Fashion Business

Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" in America, is now selling his infamous pink underwear and handcuffs.

During a Tuesday segment, CNN caught up with the Maricopa County Sheriff at a craft fair in Phoenix. They found Arpaio at a booth selling autographed replicas of the pink underwear and handcuffs he made inmates wear after the local prison's white boxers and standard-issue handcuffs started to go missing.

In 2010, Arpaio gave a pair of the custom briefs to Sarah Palin as a welcome gift when the former Alaska governor visited the Arizona state capital.

Arpaio, whose controversial anti-immigration policies have garnered national attention, told CNN that he would not endorse a candidate ahead of Tuesday's Arizona primary. Previously, the sheriff had supported Rick Perry, before the Texas governor dropped out of the presidential race.

He also told CNN that Mitt Romney "briefly" contacted the sheriff in pursuit of his endorsement.

According to a recent study, Arpaio holds a fair amount of sway with Arizona Republicans. The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that 32 percent of likely GOP voters in the state would be more likely to choose a candidate who had the sheriff's stamp of approval -- making him more influential than prominent Arizona Republicans Gov. Jan Brewer or Sen. John McCain.

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