Joe Bell, Father Of Gay Teen Jadin, Discusses Cross-Country Anti-Bullying Walk

WATCH: Gay Teen's Dad On His Cross-Country Mission

The father of Jadin Bell spoke to HuffPost Live from the road aftersetting out on a cross-country journey in honor of his son, whocommitted suicide earlier this year after allegedly being subjected to relentless anti-gay bullying.

"He didn't feel good about himself," Joe Bell told host Abby Huntsman of 15-year-old Jadin. "He didn't say a whole lot about [being bullied] until towards the end ... I wish he would've come forward sooner."

As to the message of "Joe's Walk For Change," Bell noted, "We need to stop this bullying -- it starts in our households, how we raise our children. We need to educate our school systems on how to deal with it; they don't know how to deal with the problem."

Bell is expected to speak at schools on behalf of Faces for Change, an anti-bullying foundation that was established in his son's memory, along the way. He says his stop in New York will be particularly significant, as Jadin hoped to one day live in the city.

Jadin Bell, a high school sophomore, died Feb. 3.

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