Let's Talk About Joe Biden's American Flag Socks

Plus, how to get a pair of your own.

We’ll be honest; we’re not used to seeing the words “cool” and “socks” in the same sentence. But there’s no question about it; this photo of Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and his socks ― is pretty cool.

The newly official Democratic nominee for president and his pick for vice president sat down ― in face masks, of course ― for their first joint interview with People magazine.

The accompanying spread pictures the pair in well-tailored suits, much-appreciated masks and fancy footwear ― beige pointed-toe shoes on Harris, American flag socks that somehow aren’t tacky on Biden.

“It’s the socks for me,” one person commented on a photo shared by Harris’ niece, author Meena Harris. “His socks! Her whole vibe!!” wrote another.

It’s not always easy to pull off Americana ― and perhaps it’s the photo as a whole that helps elevate the sock game — but if this is an indication of what’s to come (and, according to this photo of Biden posted by Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, it very well might be), bring it on.

We wouldn’t be surprised (or disappointed) to see these socks, alongside Michelle Obama’s ByChari “vote” necklace, show up in the merch shop.

We haven’t yet been able to get confirmation on the exact pair Biden is wearing, but luckily there are plenty of dupes out there. Want a pair of your own? Check out a few of our favorites below.

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