Joe Biden Asked Me For Money Today

Every week or so, Joe Biden sends me an email and tells me how expensive the transition is, and asks me to contribute yet again. This morning, after I gasped at the ridiculous choice of homophobe and anti-choice activist Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inaugural, there was Joe again, holding out his hand. In his note to me, Joe didn't seem at all perturbed by his new alliance with a man who rejects and condemns everything I stand for. Joe just wanted my money.

I handed the Obama campaign as much as I was allowed to over the fall, and I bet I gave them a good deal more than anyone at the Saddleback Church. My suggestion to Joe is that instead of coming to me for money, he spend a little of his own and go see Milk, which I did last night. By the end of that movie, pretty much everyone in the audience around me was sniffling and weeping. It's a sad movie, and what's sad is not just that Harvey Milk and George Moscone were shot by a homophobic religious nut. What's sad is that Milk was shot in 1978, thirty years ago, and Rick Warren still hasn't learned which way is up--or rather, which way is the decent, Christian, and humane way to be--that is, give all Americans equal rights and stop fomenting prejudice and hatred against people you don't agree with.

Rick Warren gets a free ride, tax-wise, from me, because his political action committee is disguised as a "church". That's bad enough, and I plan to work hard to take away his free ride, but what's worse is that Joe Biden is asking me again and again for a donation so that he and Barack Obama can give Rick Warren, hate-monger, a platform. Joe, I've watched the transition and I've held my tongue and given you guys a chance to show your true colors. But don't ask me for any more money until you figure out that Rick Warren hasn't been buttering your bread. People like me have been doing that, and we are getting a little ticked off.