Vice President Joe Biden Attends Special Olympics, Awards Medals (SLIDESHOW)

Vice President Joe Biden Attends Special Olympics, Awards Medals (SLIDESHOW)

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Boise, Idaho yesterday to attend a portion of this year's Special Olympics Winter Games. He caught five contenders in the freestyle pairs skating competition, then awarded medals to the athletes with the help of Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan.

While in attendance, Biden announced that "Kareem Dale, a former member of Obama's campaign in charge of coordinating the vote of disabled Americans, has been named the special assistant to the president for disabilities policy."

Biden, who has "been involved with the Special Olympics as a U.S. senator since 1973" was particularly touched by the experience:

"What lives in the heart of every one of these young athletes - as my mother would say, lives in every heart - is the bravery, the tenacity, the grit, and determination," Biden said. "I want to tell you how proud I am to be here."

Biden later visited the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program, which provides vision and medical care to the participants as well as training sessions on how to stay fit and limber.

And in true Biden form, he kept things light, joking that "this fulfills a dream of mine: To walk out on the ice with Michelle Kwan."