Joe Biden Says Clinton Foundation Should Not Shut Down

"It's done too much good."

WASHINGTON ― Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t think that Hillary and Bill Clinton should shut down the Clinton Foundation if she is elected to the presidency.

In an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Biden told host John Dickerson that there is no evidence of anything illegal related to the foundation and said he thought that its successful programs should be continued under new leadership.

“It does too much good to shut it down,” Biden said. “I’ve not been, you know, the No. 1 defender of the Clinton Foundation, but it’s done too much good. So, shifting it to other, control of others beyond the Clintons, I think it would be, you know ― I think it is going to be necessary when she becomes ― if she becomes president.”

In the past month, the Clinton Foundation has faced a series of stories about its donors receiving special access to Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of state and on Bill Clinton and his aide Doug Band using the foundation as an access point for their for-profit consulting company Teneo.

The foundation has already begun a transition of slowly shutting down some program activities and putting the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, in charge. Further, the foundation has announced it would no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if Clinton is elected.



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