Donald Trump Suggests Joe Biden Did Really Disgusting Thing On Desk

The former president reportedly made the crude remark at a fundraiser over the weekend.

Donald Trump implied that President Joe Biden defecated on a desk used by several presidents in the White House, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

At a Florida fundraiser on Saturday, Trump blamed Biden’s policies for an increase of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, saying Biden and his aides have been making poor decisions around the historic Resolute Desk, an attendee told the Times.

“The Resolute Desk is beautiful,” Trump said, according to the source. “Ronald Reagan used it, others used it.”

Adopting a disgusted tone, the presumptive GOP nominee continued about his 2024 opponent: “And he’s using it. I might not use it the next time. It’s been soiled. And I mean that literally, which is sad.”

The source in attendance relayed that “dinner guests laughed,” and that “Mr. Trump’s remark was interpreted as the former president saying that Mr. Biden had defecated on the desk,” the Times wrote.

False scuttlebutt circulated in 2021 that Biden pooped his pants during a visit with Pope Francis. (Trump himself was accused of having an accident on the golf course in 2017 ― though that allegation didn’t come from Biden.)

Trump launched another outrageous insinuation about Biden last week. He baselessly claimed the president was “higher than a kite” during his State of the Union speech, and insisted that any debate he holds with Biden should be drug-tested.

Trump also told guests at the fundraiser that he wanted immigrants from “nice countries” like Denmark and Switzerland.

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