Joe Biden Sums Up Method To Donald Trump's 'Madness' Of 'Trashing American Values'

The former vice president hit out at Trump during a campaign rally in Owingsville, Kentucky.

Former Vice President Joe Biden hit out at President Donald Trump on Friday for “trashing American values.”

He is just trashing American values the way he talks about people, the way he makes fun of people, the way he denigrates folks,” The New York Times reports Biden as telling a rally in Owingsville, Kentucky, as he stumped for Democratic House candidate Amy McGrath — challenger to GOP Rep. Andy Barr.

Biden then explained what he believed was the “method” behind Trump’s “madness” — to get people riled up and “down in the mosh pit with him.”

Democrats “can’t possibly” win the presidency “unless we can begin to reclaim those white working-class voters that used to vote for us,” former President Barack Obama’s Veep later told the Times.

However, he said Trump’s “value set” was “much too narrow and self-serving” because it relied on appealing to “legitimate frustrations of a lot of working-class people by finding a scapegoat.”

“I look out there, and I just don’t know how much more grievance can be appealed to by this guy to keep a majority,” he added.

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