Joe Biden Loves This Obama-Biden Bromance Meme More Than Any Other

The former VP “sat there for an hour and laughed,” his daughter said.

Like Kirk and Spock, Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s bromance was pretty epic.

During their eight years in office together, the former president and former vice president became the subject of good-natured jokes about their friendship, which Biden once commemorated in bracelet form:

Toward the end of their time in the White House, the pair inspired a surge of memes lightly poking fun at their dynamic. Some were quite popular:

But just as we imagine Biden has chosen one friend as Best Bud 4-Eva, there is one meme that he adores above all others.

That is, according to his 35-year-old daughter, Ashley Biden.

Ashley told Moneyish, a new personal finance site, that she introduced her dad to the viral memes about him and Obama, and he actually has a favorite. It’s about the two terms they shared:

Ashley also told the outlet that when her father first discovered the memes, he “sat there for an hour and laughed.”

He probably looked something like this.
He probably looked something like this.
Patrick Smith via Getty Images

Aw, we miss you guys!

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