Joe Biden To Paul Ryan: 'Oh, Now You're Jack Kennedy' (VIDEO)

Perhaps the most famous vice presidential debate moment in history is from 1988, when Democrat Lloyd Bentsen mocked the young Republican Dan Quayle for comparing himself to President John F. Kennedy.

"Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy," said Bentsen.

Biden attempted something similar during Thursday's vice presidential debate, when Ryan attempted to defend his economic plan and argued it was possible to cut tax rates by 20 percent and still preserve many popular deductions and loopholes for middle-class taxpayers, including the mortgage interest deduction.

Biden argued it was "not mathematically possible" to do so, while Ryan argued it was entirely possible -- saying Kennedy had done it:

BIDEN: It has never been done before.

RYAN: It's been done a couple of times.

BIDEN: It has never been done before.

RYAN: Jack Kennedy lowered tax rates and increased growth. Ronald Reagan --

BIDEN: Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy.

RYAN: Ronald Reagan --


BIDEN: This is amazing.

RYAN: Republicans and Democrats have worked together on this. I understand you guys aren't used to bipartisan deals.

Watch the famous 1988 exchange:

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