Joe Biden, 'Jeopardy!' Join Forces For Teen Tournament

Biden Moves In On Alex Trebek's Turf

Vice President Joe Biden will appear on the legendary game show "Jeopardy!" on Wednesday night, doing a job normally reserved for longtime host Alex Trebek.

Politico reports that Biden will be reading clues on "the history and importance of the automobile in America," a topic that any Onion reader knows is near and dear to the vice president's heart.

Biden taped the segment last month during a "Teen Tournament" filming at Washington, D.C.'s DAR Constitution Hall.

It's been rumored that Trebek has been considering retiring from the show after nearly 30 years. Forget the rumors of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Biden swapping positions -- could Biden and Trebek be preparing for a role reversal? We're reluctantly guessing no.

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