Joe Biden: Obama's Vice President

Joe Biden: Obama's Vice President

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CNN: Biden Gives Obama Old-School Cred:

Sen. Barack Obama's choice of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate raises the question of whether Obama can carry off his message of change with a seasoned Washington politician by his side.

Biden brings to the table his ability to speak knowledgeably about issues ranging from foreign policy to to the country's domestic agenda.

The Delaware senator has held two of the most important jobs in Washington -- chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. That could be reassuring to voters who worry about Obama's inexperience in national and world affairs.

Biden also has been an early and vociferous critic of President Bush's foreign policies -- most notably regarding the war in Iraq.

Biden Knew Thursday He Was VP Nominee: It seems Biden can keep a secret quite well:

Obama spokesman Bill Burton told CNN the Delaware Democrat was told Thursday he was the Democratic VP choice.

"He's a discreet man, we are proud to have him on the team," Burton said.

McCain Camp Releases Attack Ad Featuring Biden: The McCain campaign wasted no time in responding to Obama's choice of Biden as his running mate. They released this ad featuring Biden late last night:

McCain Calls Biden To Offer Congratulations: McCain and Biden had a short conversation in which McCain congratulated Biden on his selection as Obama's VP candidate:

John McCain has called Joe Biden to congratulate him on being named Barack Obama's running mate, two GOP sources tell CNN's John King.

It was a "short conversation" and "very pleasant," a McCain aide in Arizona said.

The Obama-Biden Text Message: Sent out at 3am ET:

From: 622-62

Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!

Biden Interview With Texas Monthly Talks: Biden had a lengthy and detailed conversation with Texas Monthly Talks two years ago. Watch it here.

Secret Service Dispatched To Protect Biden: ABC's Jake Tapper reported: "The United States Secret Service has dispatched a protective detail to assume the immediate protection of Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., a source tells ABC News, indicating in all likelihood that Biden has been officially notified that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, has selected him to be his running mate."

Why Obama Made The Choice: Marc Ambinder opines:

I gather that what impressed Obama about Biden is that Biden gets things done. He's a man of action. He's not a bullshitter. I also get the sense that Biden, 65, is pretty well aware that, at age 73 in eight years, he's not going to be a viable presidential choice, and thus convinced Obama that because the vice presidency would be his terminal position, the famous Biden ego will take a subordinate role.

I gather that Obama realizes that he needed a pick that would demonstrate some level of intellectual seriousness about the condition of the world. One of his sons heads for Iraq soon. Obama knows that, for Biden, getting Iraq right is much more than just about proving a point.

Biden is also a fighter on domestic policy. He touts as one of his greatest legislative accomplishments 1994's Violence Against Women Act.

Some liberals think he's a bully who got the Iraq war wrong (although Biden did try to pass a less bellicose resolution.) . But I suspect that the general response from Democrats will be "Great choice."

McCain Camp Responds: Spokesman Ben Porritt emails: "There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama's lack of experience than Joe Biden. Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing -- that Barack Obama is not ready to be President."

Via Marc Ambinder, some Biden quotes being blasted around in GOP circles:

"I've been calling for more troops for over two years, along with John McCain and others subsequent to my saying that." -- Meet the Press, November 27, 2005

"The only guy on the other side who's qualified is John McCain." -- MSNBC, October 30, 2007

"John McCain is a personal friend, a great friend, and I would be honored to run with or against John McCain, because I think the country would be better off" -- The Daily Show, August 2, 2005

More Coverage: Watch recent Biden video highlights, or read a timeline of Biden's life and career.

Biden's son, Capt. Beau Biden, a Judge Advocate General in the Delaware National Guard and the state's attorney general, is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in September or October.

The New York Times notes that Biden served as Senate Judiciary Chairman "during two of the most contentious Supreme Court nomination battles of the past 50 years: the confirmation proceedings for Robert H. Bork, who was defeated, and Clarence Thomas, who was confirmed after an explosive hearing in which Anita Hill accused Mr. Thomas of sexual harassment."

Jonathan Martin remembers Biden's eulogy for GOP Senate colleague, and one-time segregationist, Strom Thurmond.

Dave Roberts at Grist has complete details of Biden's environmental record.

Ezra Klein on the case for Biden, and Nate Silver on how Biden helps with older voters.


AUG 19 -- Howard Fineman Says It's Biden: The columnist says sources have told him Obama will likely pick the Delaware Senator.

Within the last few hours I've spoken with two of the finalists for the role of Barack Obama's running-mate, and to two other sources who are close to the process.

My bottom line is this: Barring a big surprise or last-minute change of heart, the choice is likely to be Sen. Joe Biden of Deleware, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

AUG 18 -- Veep Buzz Squarely On Biden: Biden's trip to Georgia has left Washington buzzing.

When Joe Biden returns to Capitol Hill Monday from his two-day trip to embattled Georgia, vice presidential speculation will rest squarely on him.

The longtime Delaware senator and former presidential candidate has long been considered to be on the shortlist for Barack Obama's running mate, but his quickly-planned trip to Georgia Saturday night at the behest of that country's president left Washington buzzing he is the most likely choice.

In a speech at the Center for U.S. Global Engagement, Biden lauds Obama and gives McCain a history lesson.

Saying that he knew the Illinois Democrat well from their time together on the campaign trail, Biden said of Obama, he "has the judgment, he has the intellect, which no one doubts, and I guarantee you he has the steel in his spine to lead this country of ours out of the deep hole we have dug ourselves into."

Biden says he doesn't want the job, but he would say yes.

Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) enthusiastically confirmed Tuesday his aspirations in a Barack Obama administration, telling reporters that he doesn't want to join the ticket -- but would take it if asked. "I'd make a great president. I 'd make a great Secretary of State. I'd make a great vice president," said Biden, who was responding to reports that he could join an Obama administration. "There are a lot of people out there who want the job. I'm not one of them... (But) you'd have to take it. There's not a single, solitary person who, with Barack Obama as the presidential nominee in this most historic of races, who if asked would say 'no.' I wouldn't say 'no.' I hope he doesn't ask me.

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