Was Joe Biden Sleeping During Obama's Speech? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Was Joe Biden Sleeping During Obama's Speech?

Did Vice President Joe Biden fall asleep while President Barack Obama delivered a speech on his administration's plans for tackling the national debt on Wednesday?

ABC News released video of Biden attending the event held at George Washington University early in the afternoon. In the clip, the vice president appears to doze off while the president is speaking on the financial issue.

National Journal notes that if Biden did in fact nod off during the president's remarks, it seems that he wouldn't be the first member of the Obama administration to do so. In 2009, then-chief economics adviser to the president, Larry Summers, was caught snoozing in a picture taken by a Getty photographer during a meeting on the economic crisis.

Do you think Biden fell asleep during the president's speech? Scroll down for video, and vote below.


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