Joe Biden: The Senate's 'Outrageous' Dysfunction Is Infecting The Courts

The vice president sounded the alarm as HuffPost shadowed him on the campaign trail for a day.

Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that the dysfunction of Congress has officially infected the courts as Republicans refuse to give President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee a hearing.

“I’ve presided over more Supreme Court nominations than anybody living,” Biden, who formerly chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, told The Huffington Post. “This has never happened before, not even allowing for a hearing to be held ... It’s just taking the dysfunction of the Congress and moving it to another branch of government.”

The partisan blockade is “outrageous” and “dangerous,” he added.

The vice president spoke briefly to HuffPost in Madison, Wisconsin, where he stumped for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Senate Democratic hopeful Russ Feingold.

HuffPost trailed Biden for the day, filming him first at a campaign event and then as he surprised customers at a local coffee shop. He posed for selfies, talked about the gravity of the 2016 election ― and wondered aloud who stole his coffee.

Watch our “On The Road” video with Biden above.

This video was produced by Omar Kasrawi, shot by Dan Fox and edited by Ethan Kirby and Velvin Nipson. Sharaf Mowjood and Megan Robertson were the senior producers.