Dan Rather Thinks He Knows Why Joe Biden Wore A Tan Suit And It Involves Fox News

Others suggested Barack Obama's special day could have been behind the president's sartorial choice.

President Joe Biden donned a tan suit to deliver the July jobs report on Friday.

The outfit drew instant comparisons to what conservatives faux-slammed then-President Barack Obama for wearing to a press conference in August 2014.

Seven years ago, right-wingers and personalities on Fox News flipped out over Obama’s sartorial choice — as evidenced in a montage of old footage aired by MSNBC’s Ari Melber:

With Biden, though, the critical response was more muted.

“Today, for some reason ... we’re not hearing the same kind of ridiculous faux outrage on the right,” said Melber. “Maybe they’re embarrassed because it didn’t work last time.”

Veteran broadcast journalist Dan Rather suggested it was some sort of trolling of Fox News:

Others also theorized, including one involving Obama’s 60th birthday this week: