Joe Biden To Trump: You 'Won't Destroy Me'

The former vice president slammed Trump for "pushing flat-out lies, debunked conspiracy theories and smears against me and my family."

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a message for President Donald Trump: “Enough is enough.”

In a Washington Post op-ed published Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate publicly addressed Trump’s efforts to smear his reputation with unfounded allegations of corruption, slamming the president for “using the highest office in the land to advance his personal political interests instead of the national interest.”

“President Trump seemingly cannot tell the truth ― about anything,” Biden wrote. “He slanders anyone he sees as a threat. That is why is he is frantically pushing flat-out lies, debunked conspiracy theories and smears against me and my family, no doubt hoping to undermine my candidacy for the presidency.”

Last month, House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into the president following revelations that he pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July phone call to investigate Biden and his son. 

Last week, Trump stood before reporters outside the White House and on camera called for China to investigate the Bidens as well, which Biden said was a sign that the president considers his office “a free pass to do whatever he wants, with no accountability.”

However, when it comes to Trump’s attacks, Biden said the president is waging a losing battle.

“It’s the same cynical playbook he returns to again and again,” he said. “But this time, it won’t work, because the American people know me ― and they know him. I will put the integrity of my whole career in public service to this nation up against Trump’s lack of integrity any day of the week.”

While there is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Bidens, Trump has relentlessly maligned his rival in tweets, press conferences and campaign ads, two of which CNN is now refusing to air because of their “demonstrably false” claims.

Despite the persistence of Trump and his Republican allies who have continued to support him, Biden made clear in his op-ed that he will not be deterred.

“Please know that I’m not going anywhere,” he wrote. “You won’t destroy me, and you won’t destroy my family. And come November 2020, I intend to beat you like a drum.”