Joe Biden, true statesman in an age of Trump's war on truth

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tFirst of all, the news media is not fake, Neither is the news,

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just erase the tragedies of Sandy Hook, 9-11, Orlando, Las Vegas, and the sick behavior of Harvey Weinstein, even the election of Donald J. Trump, as harasser in Chief?

Unfortunately, we can’t. It would involve rewriting too much history, turning back too much time.

All this has made me think hard about Joe Biden Jr. and what a true statesman he is, how much he earned the title of vice president when he held the office. I don’t remember what he ended up ordering at Brew Ha Ha! in Greenville, DE, after he waited with everyone else on the long line for a latte.

Of course, that was before so much happened to both Biden himself and the nation.

What I know about Joe Biden is how much he cares about public service, about being a good public servant for the people who elected him and how he handled the commute from Delaware to Washington, D.C. to do the public’s business no matter the hassle it may have caused him personally and no matter what else was going on in his private life.

We all know how he suffered the deaths of his first wife and baby in an auto accident, then much later his 45-year -old son Beau Biden. Having lived there a while and served as a staff writer for The News Journal in Wimington, DE I consider myself an honorary Delawarean. (I am really a New Yorker). Biden served Delaware from 1972 to 2009 when he became the 47th U.S. vice president.

Ex-President Barack Obama honored him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and once he left office, Biden was named the Benjamin Franklin Professor or Practice at the University of Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden’s ideas about life, “ to keep getting up,” and about courage being the foundation that allows all other traits to exist” are very hopeful and useful for everyone. Most comforting is the fact that those you lose remain a part of you.

Better than anyone I can think of he understands that life is about walking around with great losses. In this period of entitled youth, Joe Biden’s voice is exactly what young people need to hear. He reported seeing his late son Beau in his grandson and almost breaking down. The 46-year-old former Attorney General in Delawaware died of brain cancer in 2016.

So concerned he was about using the Biden name for his own personal gain, Beau Biden wore his mother’s maiden name Hunter on his uniform.

So does such a thing as empathy disqualify a man from running for office? I hope not because such reactions make us human.

The entitled millenials need to take a page from Beau Biden’s outlook on duty and honor. He was someone who hesitated to wear his medals, even though he certainly earned them in war.Young people today are too quick to accept what they have not earned then brag about it later.

They are too quick to cheat and lie if it benefits them and there is little sense of their duty to others in this world. Beau Biden told his father to stay strong because he was all about everybody else, Joe Biden told Oprah Winfrey during an interview Sunday.

“Fatherhood really does ground you and keep you from ever getting to the point where you feel self-important,” he said. The abuse of power is all because leaders have convinced themselves of their own self-importance.”

Biden said to recover their dignity,, political leaders should “act with dignity and avoid getting down in the mosh pit.”

Truer words have rarely been spoken.