Biden Responds To Trump's Late-Night Tweetstorm With A Single Scathing GIF

Trump had fired off more than 40 tweets and retweets over half an hour.

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a message for President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening ― and he delivered it in the form of a GIF.

The Democratic presidential nominee didn’t mention Trump by name in his tweet, but it came after Trump spent Tuesday evening firing off tweets and retweets.

Trump shared wild conspiracy theories, insulted political rivals, made accusations about voting and attacked the media. He also ripped his own Food and Drug Administration, “scum” at the FBI and the “pathetic” CIA.

And in a head-spinning about-face, Trump also demanded action on a coronavirus relief package― which he himself had killed earlier in the day.

Trump fired off more than 40 tweets and retweets over about half an hour ― leading to this message from Biden:

The quote came from an early September event in which Biden urged Trump to make a deal on coronavirus-related economic stimulus legislation.

“Get off Twitter and start talking to the congressional leaders of both parties. Invite them to the Oval Office,” Biden said. “You always talk about your ability to negotiate. Negotiate a deal, a deal for somebody other than yourself.”

No deal was ever reached, and on Tuesday, Trump announced he would no longer make one, saying he has cut off negotiations until after the Nov. 3 election.

By evening, Trump was having second thoughts, urging a new round of stimulus checks as well as money for airlines and new funds for the Paycheck Protection Program... some of the very program proposals that were being negotiated until Trump cut any discussion off.

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