'Joe Buck Live' CANCELED?

Update: HBO has confirmed the cancellation of "Joe Buck Live."

"Joe Buck is one of the premier broadcasters in our industry," network president Ross Greenburg said. "We have made the decision not to continue his talk show and wish him all the best and continued success with his wide array of responsibilities at Fox Sports."

Original Post: Joe Buck says HBO is pulling the plug on his show, "Joe Buck Live."

The sports talk show that was defined by a debut episode debacle — in which Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange hijacked the show and trashed Buck nonstop — has only aired three episodes.

"There's only another nine months on that contract anyway, so I don't think it's that big of a deal either way," Buck said last week on St. Louis radio. He added that he wouldn't miss the show when it goes off the air. "There was a lot more behind the scenes, a lot more effort and hassle than I ever expected."

HBO told me early this week that the network was steering away from talk shows going forward. That's bad news when you have a talk show. It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, even those minutes in the first show. The people there could not be better to work with, and the experience I got doing a live show is invaluable. From Favre to Mayweather we had great guests, a lot of fun, and found a returning audience in a short time. I am not unrealistic though. If HBO loved the show, I am sure somehow it would continue. That's ok. I am a big boy.

Buck told Deadspin he is in talks for a similar show with Fox.

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