Joe Buck Describes Disgusting Measure He Took To Keep Calling A Football Game

The Fox football announcer just made a confession we never knew we needed.

Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck made a wee confession this week, saying he urinated in a trash can and then a bottle while he worked an NFL game.

“I called a touchdown while urine was coming out of me,” he said on the “SmartLess” podcast with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Buck’s piss-poor excuse for skipping the restroom happened during a Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game at Milwaukee County Stadium. Mediaite did a little schedule searching and determined the year to be 1994 ― his first for Fox.

Buck noted that it was cold, he had been pounding water, and a trip to the bathroom would have required a “Tom Cruise ‘Mission: Impossible’” adventure to get there.

We’ll let the sportscaster take his TMI recollection from here:

I have peed in a bottle while calling an NFL touchdown, I swear to God. I was peeing in a trash can. ... They handed me a little water bottle. … We came back from a break and I was peeing and the action started. And I called a touchdown while urine was coming out of me.

Perhaps Buck, who previously copped to drinking tequila during games on occasion, should consult with a Cowboy. No, not a Dallas Cowboy. The Catheter Cowboy!