Obama To Name Joe Clancy As New Head Of The Secret Service

President Barack Obama will name Joe Clancy the new director of the Secret Service, law enforcement officials told the New York Times on Wednesday.

Clancy has served as acting director of the Secret Service since October, following Julia Pierson's resignation. Pierson stepped down after a number of security breaches involving the president and the White House occurred. Clancy formerly served as head to the president's security detail.

After the series of incidents last summer and fall, many members of Congress were calling for an outsider to direct the agency. Ultimately, Clancy was selected over top contender Sean Joyce, a former deputy director of the FBI.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) released a statement after the news broke Wednesday condemning the president's decision, echoing the concerns of those who thought it was time to break the 150-year tradition of appointing individuals who previously served as Secret Service agents to the leadership role.

“The good men and women of the Secret Service are screaming for a fresh start,” Chaffetz said in the statement. “At this moment in time, the Secret Service would best be served by a transformative and dynamic leader from outside the agency.”



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