Phillies Manager Joe Girardi Tries To Throw Out The Umpire. It Doesn't Work.

Give the skipper props for a gutsy preemptive move that didn't quite pan out.

Phillies manager Joe Girardi tried to eject umpire Chris Segal from the game Wednesday in a move that would be imitated by every baseball skipper in the world ... if it actually worked.

But it was Girardi who got the boot instead.

Still, the sight of Girardi going through the full windup and signaling Segal to exit the field made for hilarious theater.

Girardi worked himself into a lather after Cardinals reliever Génesis Cabrera threw pitches that hit the Phils’ $330 million star Bryce Harper in the face and Didi Gregorius in the ribs in consecutive at-bats. Segal issued warnings to both benches and that set off Girardi, who seemed to eventually decide that it was the umpire who should be ejected before the manager inevitably would.

Excellent try.

Girardi said he did not believe that Cabrera intentionally hit either batter but at first motioned for him to be removed because “obviously he has no command” and was hurting his players. “He’s got to go,” the manager said afterward.

The Phillies won 5-3. Cabrera said through an interpreter that “the game got away from me.”

Phillies third baseman Brad Miller said Girardi’s gesture was “another example of obviously our skipper going to bat for us.”

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