Joe Klein: Ed Schultz Made 'Stupid' Comments On Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Time columnist Joe Klein had some rough words for Ed Schultz, saying that the MSNBC host had been "stupid" when Klein was on his show, and that Schultz was an example of why journalists are held in such low regard by the public.

Klein was speaking on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday, talking to host Howard Kurtz about the media climate in the wake of the Arizona shootings. Klein said that cable news plays a destructive role in the national debate. He began by singling out Fox News, where he said a lot of "crap" appears--particularly on Glenn Beck's show. He repeated comments he has made elsewhere that Beck traffics in "ridiculous conspiracy theories."

But then, Kurtz asked Klein about MSNBC.

"Cable news chooses not to really deal with complicated issues with the level of complexity that they deserve," Klein said. "I was on Ed Schultz' show to discuss Afghanistan. I was just back from there. It is the most complicated issue imaginable. And the guy writes on a piece of paper, 'Get out now,' and holds it up on the screen. That's so stupid and it's so unworthy. And it really -- it's one of the reasons why people hold us in lower regard than they do lawyers."