Joe Klein: Glenn Greenwald "Thoroughly Dishonorable" For Leaking My Off-The-Record Emails

Joe Klein: Glenn Greenwald "Thorougly Dishonerable" For Leaking My Off-The-Record Emails

On Monday, Salon writer Glenn Greenwald published an off-record email exchange on his personal blog, which has since caused a bit of an uproar in the journalism community. (He also tweeted about it.) The key email, written by Time magazine's Joe Klein, included some very sharp words about Greenwald:

As for Greenwald, he knows little about politics, less about journalism and cares not a whit about the national security of the United States. I find the Limbaugh-like, knee-jerk devotion of his flock depressing.

The emails from Klein were written to an off-the-record email group called Journolist, comprised of several hundred journalists, policy wonks and academics -- which Greenwald is not a part of.

Klein has responded on his blog at Time, calling Greenwald a "thoroughly dishonorable person" for releasing the emails:

I agree with Greenwald on some things, and appreciate his insights on others. But he is a thoroughly dishonorable person--as he proved by releasing my private emails--and, when it comes to his oft-trumpeted belief in the right to privacy, a stone hypocrite as well.

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