Joe Klein 'Stingray' Comment Shocks, Embarrasses CNN Colleagues

Joe Klein 'Stingray' Comment Shocks, Embarrasses CNN Colleagues

Joe Klein is a Time Magazine contributor and political pundit who anonymously penned the novel Primary Colors and who, if you are unlucky enough to come within shouting distance of, will no doubt remind you of how he's covered more presidential campaigns than you. Also, lots of people think he's kind of an idiot for various reasons - for example: he has never demonstrated a functional understanding about FISA and yet he keeps on running his mouth about it.

But hey, don't take my word for it! Flash forward to today, when, in search for just the perfect metaphor to describe Obama's recent troubles, Klein's fecund imagination alights upon today's news. Specifically, the Michigan woman who died when an eagle ray leapt into her boat.

The classy remark was met with some very pained reactions. Nice work, Anonymous!


KLEIN: ...back in 1988, Dukakis staffers distributed a Biden tape, the tape where Biden was plagiarizing a British politician and they got fired. This is pretty much campaign business as usual. It's really stupid because as long as Rush Limbaugh lives and breathes on this planet, McCain doesn't have to do any dirty work. People like Limbaugh will do it for him. But I think maybe the operative metaphor here isn't drowning but the giant sting ray landing in Obama's boat.

CROSSTALK: Ooh. Oh, Joe.

KLEIN: Okay. Well...

CROSSTALK: Don't blame that one on me. Don't blame that one on me. I'm not going to go there, because someone did die from that.

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