Joe Manganiello Bans Family From Seeing 'Magic Mike'

Joe Manganiello, it turns out, has at least a few boundaries. At least in theory, anyway.

The oft-naked "True Blood" werewolf stars will continue his streak of again taking his clothes off for the cameras, this time pleasing eyes in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming male stripper film, "Magic Mike." And he's promising to justify his character's nickname.

"Big Dick Richie? That's the reason to do it. There's definitely a scene that will answer those questions," the actor told the Los Angeles Times over the weekend, referring to his character's name. Certainly big shoes -- or pants -- to fill. But even if he'll make them proud and give a good representation to the gene pool, he's not all that excited for his family to see the film.

"I told them a few weeks ago that no one is seeing this movie," he said of his mom and grandma. "They'll probably see it anyway, but at least they've had two seasons of 'True Blood' to get used to it."

How true -- in a recent interview with HuffPost, nudity seemed like almost an afterthought to the star, which differentiates him from some of his "Magic Mike" co-stars.

"I'm the one coming from 'True Blood,'" he said. "It's not that different from what I do on set on 'True Blood.' I wonder if some of the other guys have done it before--taken their clothes off on camera. For me, it's just a typical day at the office."

Perhaps Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey can learn something from him. Then again, they probably have Channing Tatum for that role.