Joe Paterno Statue: Must Penn State Take Statue Down After Freeh Report?

Joe Paterno and key administrators at Penn State University "concealed critical facts" about the sexual abuse perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky, according to the 267-report produced by an eight-month investigation by former FBI director Louis Freeh.

Amidst the outrage at the report's findings that the most powerful individuals in Happy Valley willfully ignored the abuse, there have been calls for actions as sweeping as the NCAA taking away Penn State's football program and as targeted as the University pulling down the statue of Paterno that stands outside of Beaver Stadium.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday morning after the Freeh Report was released, Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights and the sports columnist for The Daily Beast, called on Penn State to "take that statue down," according to Dan Berstein of CBSChicago.

Bissinger is hardly alone in his feelings about the bronze statue of the former coach that stands outside of the football stadium in State College, Pa. In the aftermath of the release of the Freeh Report, there were many other calls for the statue to be taken down.

While the ramifications of the Sandusky abuse scandal will continue to come for Penn State University, the fate of the Paterno statue could become a focal point for many. Should the school take it down? Is there any compelling argument for letting it stand?