Joe Rogan Rips 'F**king Dangerous' Trump And His 'Bunch Of Morons' Supporters

The podcast host warned that the insurrection might only be the beginning.

Podcaster and provocateur Joe Rogan on Tuesday warned that former President Donald Trump is still capable of inciting his supporters to violence.

As a result, he said it was “really important” to have a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection carried out by Trump supporters.

“One of the reasons why I think it’s important is because it highlights the reasons why a guy like Donald Trump is so fucking dangerous,” he said in comments posted online by Mediaite.

Trump, he added, “can incite a bunch of morons to do something really fucking stupid.”

And Rogan, who endorsed Bernie Sanders during the 2020 primaries but hinted that he would vote for Trump after Joe Biden locked up the nomination, warned it could only get worse from here.

“And now that he’s silenced off of social media, and now that that actually did happen, once it becomes a thing, it could be like mass shootings, Right?” he said. “They didn’t exist. Then they did. Now they’re a thing. That could be a thing.”

The House last month passed a bill to create a commission to study the insurrection, with 35 Republicans joining Democrats to vote in favor.

However, it died in the Senate, where Republicans blocked it via a filibuster.

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