Joe Scarborough: Christine O'Donnell 'A Lot Better Than Palin' (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough thinks the student is even better than the teacher.

Reacting Friday to Christine O'Donnell's performance in her first debate since winning the Republican nomination for Senate from Delaware, Scarborough said that she is better than Sarah Palin.

"There have been comparisons between [O'Donnell] and Sarah Palin," he said. "I've gotta say, first glimpse of that debate: [O'Donnell's] a lot better than Palin. She's a lot more relaxed, she seems to be...more fluent with the English language. She is better in front of cameras than even Sarah Palin."

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson agreed.

"She's poised, she's fluid, but she has picked up that 'Sarah Palin affect,'" he said. "The folksiness and the spunkiness and I suspect we're gonna see the occasional flash of bear fangs that Palin does so well."

Robinson cautioned Democrats that the Delaware race is not a slam dunk for them, as many thought initially after O'Donnell won Tuesday's primary.

"I think Democrats who have moved this race definitively to the Democratic category...are whistling past the graveyard if that's what they think," he said. "They better pay attention to this race, because there's going to be a lot of money coming in...there's going to be a lot of volunteers, and she's good. So I think counting her out in the Delaware race is a huge mistake."

Scarborough agreed.

"And when we say she's good, she's better than Sarah Palin, who, quite frankly, has become less articulate as the months have rolled by, seems to have more problems expressing herself in an intelligent manner," he said. "This is not a gimme for Democrats."