Joe Scarborough: Conservative Media Is 'Destroying' Republican Party (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough lashed out at some conservatives, particularly pundits, for "destroying" the Republican party on Monday.

The MSNBC host was reacting to Bill Kristol's recent op-ed, which alleged that parts of American conservativism have become "a racket." Scarborough could not agree more.

"You have a lot of people running around, saying harsh things that sell books and push ratings and lose elections," he said on Monday. “Conservatism is a racket for a lot of people to get very, very rich. With no thought of winning elections."

He blamed the "anti-intellectualism of the past decade" for what he said were the views that the GOP has become known for, as well as the lack of "intelligent" ideas coming from the party.

"These type of people who have the ability to make... the compassionate conservative argument — they're thrown to the side because they don't sound enough like Glenn Beck or a blogger," Scarborough opined.

Mike Barnicle wondered if it was possible for someone to break through the "loudness and the shrillness" of voices on both sides.

"Do you think any of these people in talk radio, if they're punched in the face by a Republican nominee, do you think they would push back?" Scarborough said. "No, they're cowards, they're bullies. Punch them in the face and they'll back off."

He said that conservative media personalities would only lead the GOP to a "permanent minority." Scarborough continued, "Who are they to say anything about what the future of this party and of this movement is? They're making tens of millions of dollars. They're getting rich and they're not really hurting this country because they're irrelevant... but they are destroying the Republican party everyday."

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